Winter Essentials: NYC

When I was headed to Florence, I had no idea what kind of weather to expect. All I knew I was headed towards cold weather and needed the basics - so I bought 1 black and white coat from Macys, a couple of gloves from Burlington Coat Factory, simple long sleeve tops from Wet Seal and some lightweight scarves from Forever 21. As you can see I didn't want to invest in clothes I knew I'd wear for a couple months or never wear again. So, I basically wore the sameeee thing everyday in winter but I don't think people noticed cause we were all bundled up. However, now I'm in NYC to stay and I need to invest in some serious, quality, long lasting winter goods. So here is my Winter Wish List/Essentials:

Isabel Marant black suede & shearling-lined biker jacket. For F/W 2010 your jacket needs some shearling. I feel like this could be the perfect all day jacket that could give me that cool Joan Jett feel. Price Tag: $3,125
Paul & Joe's black mongolie shearling coat. This is the updated and luxurious oversized coat in comparison to my simple wool vest from Zara, which is still my favorite purchase from last F/W. You can dress as simple as you want but once you throw this on - you own the room you walk into! Price Tag: $2,175

Miu Miu's light-brown shearling suede jacket. Have you noticed that these last 3 pieces are 60s inspired? I've said it and I'll say it again - I was supposed to be born in the 60s! Price Tag: $3,655

When I think winter, I think Burberry! Burberry gray cashmere fingerless gloves make a perfect accessory to hold a strong grip onto the subway poles. Price Tag: $175

Definitely my next purchase! Well not these to be exact. I wish I had the money. Buckled, strapped, belted boats are this winter's must shoe! Alexander McQueen's mahogany shearling leather boots. 
Heel measures approximately 6 inches with 1.5 inch platform. Hello, Royal Highness! 
Price Tag: $1,695

Now I can't forget the LEOPARD! hahahahha Miu Miu again with its black leather gloves with leopard-print shearling cuffs (Shearling, Shearling, Shearling - all over this winter!). Price Tag: $540

Missoni oversized cashmere cardigan. Cashmere will keep you warm like an unborn chick in its egg and this oversized cardigan just looks winter yummy, I'd probably sleep in it! I'd throw this on with my Old Navy black leggings and be good to go. Price Tag: $2,980

NYC like Florence has unpredictable weather. I remember SJP advising me about that on Sex & the City too! Remember the episode, when she visits the gallery but it ends up being closed, then out of no where it was so windy her dress flew up! After that it started pouring rain and the poor girl was soaked and talking about her ex to a strange hottie. What a mess! Anywayssss ... I need some Wellington boats. I've noticed a lot of Hunter Wellington boats but I'm posting these Burberry Wellingtons from their 
Winter Storms line, a capsule collection of classic pieces with a modern twist. Price Tag: $395

and last but not least an umbrella. but not just any umbrella - a clear BUBBLE umbrella. if you watch Gossip Girl, did you see Serena's clear umbrella while at campus? I loved it! I'm pretty sure you can avoid getting wet or having it turn inside out. Urban Outfitters. Price Tag: $18

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