One Month to go.....

Yesterday finally marked my one month countdown to Florence, Italy. How do I feel? A lot more anxious, nervous, excited, and a little sad. I can't sleep! I can't stop thinking of the little things like what I am going to do while waiting for my connecting flight? What am I going to wear on my first day there? Where and how much should I spend on a good coat? Should I buy a new blow dryer? LOL the most random thoughts are the ones that worry me the most! The only thing I'm not worried about is my 1st day - orientation day - at Polimoda - where I will be getting my Masters in Fashion Management & Merchandising. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be the best at what I know. Do I sound pompous? I think I sound and am confident with a touch of pompous - what can I say, I'm Nicaraguan - and we Nicas are high & mighty (en otras palabras FRESA, OLI)! LOL - My countdown couldn't have started on a more perfect date than my high school friends wedding, Allam & Myriam. Felicidades a los dos! This whole month will be dedicated to spending time with the people I love the most - my family & friends - and this blog will also be dedicated to them, to keep them close to every memory of this month and upcoming experiences in Europe. With much LOVE.


  1. i love that u have a blog allison!

  2. I'm so proud of you alice! I wish you the absolute best! Prosper my little grasshopper!


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