True Life: Miami PR Girl

don't even look at the date of my last post. i know it's been crazy. i moved to miami mid-january and it's already july (ahem) #MBFWSwim Week 2014 to be exact. so i will take a little lunch break and write a little update post on my PR life to talk to you my interview process and a little about what i am doing now.

back in january i noticed some pretty good job opportunities on linkedin and mediabistro. however, unlike NY, Miami would offer 2 new job opportunities per week compared to NY's 20-40 per week. i also noticed none of these fashion/lifestyle pr agencies post their job opportunities on these sites but on their facebook fan pages. in that case, i called them all to ask for the right HR contact to send my resume to and emailed them all immediately. thanks to NY, my internships and freelance clients - my resume is not too shabby and within my 1st week of being in miami, i had 8 interviews lined up.

long story short, i was able to secure freelance work with 2 pr agencies and my previously NY agency allowed me to work with them remotely for a few weeks. all was working out perfectly meanwhile i interviewed for the 'perfect full-time' job.

so what happened? after numerous interviews i was turned down for 'too much fashion' or because they were a 45-1 hour commute and wanted someone closer to the office.

right before my current job. i gave a random pr firm a chance. it worked out for 1 day. the owner, offered me the job on the spot and they were only my 3rd interview. and i declined. a month later, i was still looking and she called back again with the offer. since i hadn't found the 'perfect full-time' opportunity, i decided to give them a chance. why was i so hesitant? 1. it was only my 3rd interview 2. i found a rip-off report 3. a couple contacts told me not to work for them. 4. my gut kept saying NO! (you have to follow that gut feeling!) that one day, i 'worked' was a complete shit storm. whoa! never ever did i experience such terrible vibes, presentation, ambiance and much more. and i don't need that in my life and for my pr rep. before i left that day, i asked the team if it was like that everyday and they just looked away...it was very sad. i'll spare the details and would just like to say: no good pr person should work there. i wouldn't even recommend this agency to my worst enemy.

thank God, the day before this, I went on an interview with a beauty school. after 4 interviews, i've been chilling as their new pr, social media and events coordinator. i'm happy, work with an amazing events team, great schedule and fun events.

now i must go...my hair & makeup team and i will be killing #MBFWSwim and tonight is our first event with Miami Magazine .... yeppp, not too shabby.

Good Luck to all the Miami PR girls in the making!

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