Behind the Scenes: Poko Pano

people ask me "what do you do?!"

well, a month ago, i was that PR girl contacting other pr girls who's client was showing at MBFW Miami Swim. once i got an in, i made sure my company was producing hair and/or makeup for the models. i basically get together with my events, hair and makeup team and tell them, "look i got a few designer shows, x amount of models, good press, and here are the looks the designers want - make it happen!" and well ...they did! our first show was Brazilian label, Poko Pano and my team was in charge of the makeup, which was #flawless

yep, pretty easy - pretty fun. probably the easiest fashion week i've ever worked. i sat back and relaxed. my biggest mistake was wearing heels and silk culottes. i parked really far and was carrying my purse, camera, gift bags and a banner :/

(that is a day in the life of a beauty pr girl)

props to my hair & makeup team who made it happen!


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