What I Wore : Friday Night : Girls Night Out!

I can't believe I'm doing this again! but here's another personal style post - it was Friday night and I felt hottie! ;) I knew I'd get a few stare downs but in Nicaragua - damn do people STARE! there aren't much people that are fashion risk takers - I probably know 4 girls n 4 guys in all of Nicaragua (that don't even live in Nicaragua) that don't give a damn n dress in something not abercrombie n fitch, hollister, lacoste, polo - anything related to classic prep - hmmm, I should probably do a little write up about them and ask them for tips? Come on people!! Change up a little!
"that awkward moment when u walk into galerias with a V cut top n EVERYONE stares!"

Anyways, here's my Friday night look - my friend said, "Casual Chic" and took it as "Sassy Chic"

- Jumper by Complot (Argentina), Shoes by Aldo, Blouse by Express, Earrings from Positivo (Soho, Argentina)
- photos by Allyson Natasha -


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