Event: NINI Fashion Style at Ponte Vecchio

Last night, I attended the NINI Fashion Style event at Boutique Ponte Vecchio for a quick bit. I was there so fast I didn't even touch the champagne (I know, I can't believe it myself but hey I had a huge Thanksgiving dinner waiting for me at home) - You may remember a while ago, I did a little write up on 3 Emerging Nicaraguan designers - one of which was Norma Gomez of NINI and since then I've been following her every move everyday on her fan page and I've already seen some pieces but once I was at Ponte Vecchio - it was a whole different experience. They were all nicely merchandised on the racks and boy was it was a beautiful array of colors, stripes, stars, and flower power! My first thought was "definitely a young version of fashion designer Patrick Robinson". She turns everyday basics into youthful playful pieces for all shapes and sizes - and the prices are freakin' AWESOME! This is one of the reasons I love and shop emerging designer labels - gett'em before their hot! Congrats to NINI!

For better pictures visit Nicaraguan photographer's Jorge Mejia Facebook Fan page
NINI is the new Nicaraguan designer addition to Boutique Ponte Vecchio (GEO Accessories, Shantall Lacayo) - Thank you Ponte Vecchio for introducing and being a helping hand for emerging designers! ;)

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