The Uniform Project

My first PR event was for the UNIFORM PROJECT at International Playground. A project I have grown to know and appreciate. It's a truly unique and magnificent mesh of fashion and 
social consciousness that we should all be in tuned to.

Their Mission
Raising ethical fashion awareness. Placing social responsibility on mass fashion consumer culture. Using fashion to make acts of charity while highlighting creative styling, individuals, sustainability, and social consciousness. 

What is the Uniform Project? 
Sheena Matheiken founded the U.P. back in 2009, with the idea of wearing the same LBD for 365 days to raise money to send underprivileged kids living in Indian slums to school. Her cause was called Akanksha Foundation and by the end of the year, she had raised over $100k. She didn't just wear the simple LBD but she styled it differently every single day with homemade, vintage, donated, or reused accessories. The project was a big hit and Sheena was named ELLE Magazine's Woman of the Year for 2009.

Year 2: 1 Dress. 1 Month. 1 Cause.
With last years amazing success all around - the U.P. decided to launch Year 2. This year, there will be a different girl every month, with a custom LBD made to her liking, and she will decide the cause. 

The month of August was played by India Salvor Menuez, 16-year old student, who raised funds for Our School at Blair Grocery in New Orleans.

The month of September starred Lesly Arfin, the author of Dear Diary, who raised funds for Phoenix House which helps people overcome drug addiction. (left picture)

And the current pilot for October is Isis Salam, former front woman of the Canadian duo Thunderheist, who is currently putting the finishing touches on her debut solo album. Isis is raising money for the One Laptop Per Child cause, which provides rugged, low-cost, low power XO laptops to children in developing countries.

The Dresses
Last years dress and the monthly dresses are available on the U.P. online store. The monthly dresses are pre-ordered in order to manufacture the exact amount only. The fabric and dress details are all eco-friendly! The fabric is a 75% organic cotton and 25% silk blend that was spun, dyed and woven in India especially for this dress. The buttons are made of corozo, a natural material produced from the Tagua nut of a tropical palm tree. Both the dress and fabric are produced at the same ethically certified factory in Bangalore, India.

Website: http://theuniformprojectblog.com/
Follow Isis (October pilot; a few pictures below): https://theuniformproject.com/#!pilotmonth?OLPC
Buy the dress(es): https://theuniformproject.com/#!store

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