Update: Life of PR Girl

sorry, i've been mad busy since like june. i moved to nicaragua for a few months to help out for nicaragua disena and the project was a hit! lots of drama, new designers, new press and designer friends and much more. nd13 was probably one of the most exhausting but satisfying projects i've ever been a part of. handling ever single contact for general info to late designer arrivals hours before their show and model cancellations. no one has a clue but nicaragua HAS design and model talent. dear buyers, you need to plan a trip to nicaragua, perhaps for nd14.

i've also been meaning to share a little shopping. nd13 was the place to be for unique pieces. my mom snagged a geo designs necklace by Georgina Vargas and i picked up these earrings by Karla Castillo. KC presented a small collection titled Oceanica. the details of my earrings are beyond real - they were created with the beach sand and stones found on the pacific shoreline..to be specific at Poneloya beach. another favorite (but not a purchase) was the turtle bracelet; check it out on her fan page and look book album. her oceanica collection was inspired by the ocean's depth, animals, textures and coral reef colors.

felicidades KC! sigue adelante!!

Fotografia: Silvio Balladares
Collection: Oceanica
Designer: Karla Castillo
Nationality: Nicaragua

and now i am back in ny. hustlin and trying to get a new pr / social media gig. thank God, i found an apartment in record time - 3 days. and was able to dedicate myself to the 2nd august project, shantall's debut in ny. shout out to latina magazine, iman cosmetics and my friends for supporting the event we were a part of. and now its post event time. pitching day n night, trying to get editors to see shantall's ss14 work for future stories. dear editors, why don't we try something new...like supporting real emerging designers. designers who are struggling and trying to make a name for themselves. i don't think prada or versace need more covers or spreads. perhaps, your research team should scout undiscovered talent so these designers can keep things going for a possible buyer meeting. it's not easy to meet with buyers if you are 'no one', pay to be a part of trade shows and produce mass production especially with this new 'buyer/consignment' trend. small boutiques and online stores aren't buying but they want to change our collections fabric for their potential clients and for us to have merchandise. how is a designer going to have merchandise, if NO money is coming in. so, help these designers land opportunities with your "Must Have" or "Get to Know this Emerging Designer" features. press gets the word out to stylists, celebs, and potential real buyers. i'm sure LV will continue to buy ad space, so i'm sure you can manage to include emerging designers. just sayin.

- anyways - the ss14 look book we created is by far the best we have ever created. it's a little booklet that opens up like a train map (however not as gigantic as the nyc mta map). props to the model, miss teen, rebecca and our photographer, erick monterrosa; who made it happen. check out the ss14 look book on the shantall lacayo facebook fan page.

Modelo: Rebecca Bonilla
Fotografia: Erick Monterrosa
Cabello y Maquillaje: Carlos Corrales
Estilista: Gabriel Moncayo
Asistente: Magdalena Navarro
Direccion Artisitica: Shantall Lacayo
Local: Hotel Dario, Granada, Nicaragua

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