True Life: I am a PR Girl

so in case you are new to this blog or noticed my beatricecatchesfashion.blogspot missing - i wanted to share my story once again as i am going through another career changing move. 

< i decided to delete beatricecatchesfashion.blogspot because i wanted to bring beatriceitaliana back and reincorporate my stories. the reason i like to share my story although sometimes it might be too personal, is because i do receive emails asking for fashion school and public relations information and advice. sometimes i might cut the person off and immediately say 'that's not exactly advice you are asking for but PR consulting instead and i charge for that'. however, most of the time it's general information n i am glad to help. just like the way i rely on nycprgirls.com for pr advice or explanations. > 

back in 2009 i decided to pursue a masters in fashion management at Polimoda.
and since 2010 i've been in and out of new york with a couple fashion public relations and freelance jobs under my belt.

however, the one name i've kept since 2011 is PR Manager or as the cool girls says, PR girl.
i started as a social media intern and quickly took over everything for emerging Nicaraguan designer, Shantall Lacayo. and it all started with an email to her personal facebook page on how i could help her and her brand. i had been following her brand since i was maybe 15 years old but after her stint on PRLA i knew i had to take her before anyone could.

and there we are. slowly but steadily making it in the business of fashion. this week alone in new york, we have conquered press, media and buyer interviews - oh! and fashion week at Dominican Republic. we have worked in Argentina, Nicaragua, NY, DR, Panama and our goal is set on Mexico and Miami next year.

perhaps on my own, its been tough. i've interviewed for the best PR firms, luxury brands, and independent designers but have only been able to secure freelance positions because i have "too much" fashion public relations experience or lack best friend media contacts (when in reality my pitching is awesome). but let me focus on the good - i don't want to rant on fashion or pr or the ny labor experience in today's post. - my point is. although it's been tough, i've hustled, gained experience in retail, customer relations and communications AND been through it all with Shantall.

we have made our brand presence known through international press and social media and even college seminars. i recently found out, a university in Nicaragua has used us as an example for their public relations students and i am beyond words. i don't doubt my work at all but it feels like a pat on the back and someone saying "u did good, u did really good".

being a PR girl is definitely tough. that's why i believe i am one in the making. i am truly proud of all my work and of the designer i work with on a daily basis. she motivates me to keep believing in my dream NY PR girl job and i motivate her to keep reaching for the stars. i don't want to let her go because i know we are both going places and we would definitely like to go together in order to be as influential as Oscar de la Renta and Erika Bearman.

thank you shantall lacayo!
here's to us conquering the fashion of business together. 

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