Words of Wisdom from Fashion Business Women

my constant pursuit is to find my dream fashion PR job in new york and thanks to my mother, best friends, pr mentor, and everyday reading - i know i am just a few steps closer to that dream. a class at INCAE called personal innovation took me to italy, a PR class at Polimoda brought me to NY and a few internships have taken me for quite a ride. i'm getting closer. i know it. but sometimes you just have bad days and that's when i open up my Kelly Cutrone books, watch Kell on Earth reruns, and read not just positive pinterest notes on life but life stories from the women who I want to be.

Yesterday, I bookmarked Marie Claire's Power of Presence luncheon article by Refinery 29  and found these words of wisdom:

"For me, personally, I don’t want to hire anyone that has to fit into any box," says Roy. "And if I sense that in an interview, I won’t hire them even if they are immensely talented because I want to work with people who come with new ideas, think outside the box, push boundaries." 

"Be persistent. If you’re scared, pretend that you’re not," advises Rebecca Minkoff,

Nina Garcia, who was just recently announced the new creative director of Marie Claire. "One thing we all took out of this is you got to stand your ground and you can’t compromise," 

The biggest hardship," she adds, "is when people are competitive, when people are not nice. Again, find your sense of dignity and power, and carry on and don't let that negativity get to you, because that can distract you, disturb you, and that’s not you." 

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the industry is tough but i'm pretty tough as well. i was here for 9 months in 2010/11, went back home for another 9 months but came back and i've already been here for almost 9 months again. it's all about dedication, persistence, and love - i can't see myself doing anything else but pr. life isn't easy, nyc isn't easy and jobs don't fall from the sky but that's why you gotta keep your head up, ignore the negativity and keep going. i know i will be just like them one day and hope to pass the message along.

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'work hard, play hard'
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my other sources for words of wisdom or pr fun are.
every time i read their stories, i think 'True Story'.

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this graph was also included in the refinery 29 story and i thought it was great. besides confidence, determination, and hardwork - appearance matters!


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