Steal His Look: Valentine's Day

I'm not an expert in Men's Fashion - therefore I had no idea where to start on How I Would Want my Man to Wear on our V-Day. So I started to look-up the most fashionable men (according to me) such as: Johnny Depp, Derek Blasberg, Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist, Scott Disick, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and go through the pages of VMan, GQ, Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters, and Calvin Klein.

Finally, I ended up with these 4 pictures. Hey! I'm picky what can I say??
We have Tom Ford in Tom Ford - dapper as usual and my choice for formal wear. Kanye West looking cool as James Dean and rocking the bowtie (I loveeeeeee bowties for men). The other 2 men are pictures I collected from The Style Blogger & Men in This Town - I feel like this is the new preppy -  retro preppy  - the polo shirt is slightly oversized, the belt is tied in a knot, and he is wearing Ray-Bans. And the last gentleman, is more of a natural man. He is dressed (and his hair is combed) just like his mama taught him to.

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