Playlist Love: Part 2

Dj KillaKa5 & Dj X Rayted (MIA 2 SA) - Valentine's Edition (available to download starting today! It's not about love at all, it's just for you and the significant other to dance to. download here: http://soundcloud.com/sa2mia/vday)

Alex Gaudino - I'm In Love (wasn't this everyone's nye playlist?)

Angel - Akon & David Guetta (the 1st song i heard on nye)

Nothing But Love For You - Axwell (another nye 2011 playlist song)

Cada Vez (Malibu Breeze Remix)- Stereo Palma (This is one of my favorite songs!!! I feel like I'm at the beach, dancing in my bathing suit, wearing white, enjoying the sunset, and having a great time with everyone I love - it's just a sexy beach song "cada vez te veoooooo")

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