Holiday Gift Guide: Inspired by Scott Disick

If you watch Keeping up with Kardashians, you know who Scott Disick is. He has impeccable style, suave, and is my real life straight Christian (Cher's gay boyfriend in Clueless). Soooooo hot! Such great style! [Sigh]

Anyways, when I find my boyfriend of this type I will definitely try to get him the following gifts. Living in Florence, I was introduced to men's luxury swimwear brand, Vilebrequin. They have amazing cuts, styles, and color patterns. Prices start at $200 for the Master Paradise style of these St. Tropez trunks. http://www.vilebrequinonlinestore.com/

Marc Jacobs always has an amazing array of special items from MJ Sharpies to MJ condoms, but following our style inspiration I came across the cutest bow tie - only for $25http://www.marcjacobs.com/special-items/view-all-special-items/0cb2c477-05f0-45bb-be91-ab90fdd1c977/bowtie--25

Before creating this gift guide, I asked my long time best guy where he likes to shop. He said Polo (by Ralph Lauren I assume), J. Crew, and Gilt.com. J. Crew was perfect for this guide! Therefore, I am showing a look pulled from their Resort Collection. While looking around I also stumbled upon Ray Bans at J. Crew. I don't think you can ever go wrong with Ray Bans! Who doesn't love Ray Bans? Classic!! http://www.jcrew.com/mens_special_shops/theresortshop.jsp

CK Obsession cologne is a gift I am actually buying my father. He doesn't exactly have this particular style but I had to pay homage to him. I also don't have a clue what men's cologne is IN right now. All I know about men's cologne is Cool Water - I think all the guys were wearing it back in 6th grade and Axe - because of their commercials and it smells soooooooooo sooooooooooo bad! Therefore, make sure you know about cologne and that he actually wears cologne. Some guys don't wear anything and smell so manly like Aiden from Sex and the City (so said Carrie).

I almost thought about gifting my man with a subscription to GQ but do people still subscribe now that we can read it online? So instead GQ gave me a gift idea. A book - I know I know ... a book? But if the book is good - he'll love it! I have recently been gifted amazing fashion books. So why not? Take Ivy by Powerhouse Books is a book that takes a look into the culture of Ivy League Anglo style from it's roots in the 1950s and 1960s. The book shows students on campus wearing skinny plaid shorts, slim oxford cloth shirts and ubiquitous penny loafers. I think I might actually buy it!! http://www.gq.com/how-to/rest-of-your-life/201011/gq-gift-guide-2010-books-for-men#ixzz17xmLp6Jz

And last but not least - a video game. I think my girlfriends would kill me for recommending this but if you really love him - you gotta get him what he wants. After all he is a child and it's the holiday toy of the year.

Happy Holidays! XoXo

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