Good News! Good Luck! GOOD GOOD GOOD!

After applying to countless jobs in NYC, Florence, L.A., Miami, and London. I finally chose the right one! There were a few places I would have died to work for but at the end I think the right internship found me and I found them as well. I was offered and accepted an internship for a PR firm in NYC called Shout Social. They are small but something tells me this feels very good! ... I actually turned down 2 other internships for prestigious companies in NYC while I waited for SS to tell me the good news I was hoping to hear. 

Having worked for a small business, I think choosing this new and small company, I will be surrounded by a lot more dedication, responsibilities, and most of all experience! Because I do not have any professional PR or fashion experience.

This actually all happened while my parents were here! The day they arrived 3 companies emailed me for job interviews! It was like my luck had changed or just having the positive energies and love from my parents made me forget the stress and take it a little easy with the interviews.

I am beyond happy! I wanted PR and I got it! I wanted NYC and I got it!

Thank you to everyone who has had me in their thoughts and prayers! I love you all!

More Shout Social:

They also have facebook & twitter ;)

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