My Top 5: 2013 Moments

Top 5: Nicaragua Diseña 2013

so much work, drama, talent, and fun. one of my favorite projects and a growing design incubator that will surely keep getting bigger and better each year. 
Top 4: Shantall Lacayo

this year we participated in events and meetings in Panama, Dominican Republic, New York, Mexico and obviously Nicaragua. it will take many more years to get to where we want to go...we are constantly inspired by Karl Lagerfeld's insatiable drive of ever changing work and in my case, women like Jenna Lyons and Aliza Licht inspire me to stay focused.

Top 3: Pre-Fall 2014 - Chanel

Honestly, I don't understand the negative hoopla around this collection. I don't identify myself as a potential Chanel customer but I appreciate the Cowboy/Indian inspiration and their outrageous set. I'm sure I can find a budget friendly high neck prairie blouse somewhere...

Top 2: Queen B

All hail 'Yonce and her dope album.
'Nuf said.

TOP 1: Me, Myself, and I

Despite losing my best friend to a drunk driver in New York in July. I returned to NY with a heavy heart in August after ND13 for SL's first NY show. While my bff's mom and brother wished me well, they also wished me safety. I was afraid and felt alone. But I kept my head up and worked hard - because I know she would have wanted that. She never wanted me to give up - more over, be happy. And NY in some twisted way made me happy. The hustle & lights motivate me to keep going and shine on - from the quick steps New Yorkers take everyday to and from work in chilling weather, to running along the Hudson and leaving it all behind for a drink or two at happy hour at the irish pub next to the office building. I have no doubt I'm built to make it in NY but I can't stop to think, Family First. Although, I was offered a temp job late Sept. and was given the chance to experience food, wine and spirits public relations - I'll be taking my talents to South Beach to be closer to home & family. I live and love my life but I love my family even more. 2013 gave me strength .... I wonder what I'll get in 2014.

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