Event Style: Upper East Side Tribal Art Show

last night, my friend was presenting his African tribal art collection for the 1st time in New York at a private Upper East Side art showing with other fellow international galleries. he however, proudly represented Barcelona, Spain. felicidades Galeria Montagut! EXITO AMIGO!

how much do you think this is worth?
6 digits.
no joke.

honestly, i was just there for the wine but i ended up meeting a great crowd of folks from all around the world and one special lady. she caught my eye by wearing this vibrant vintage jacket! SPEC-TA-CULAR!

her name, Robin Lovelace, her profession, Sculptor. but who is she wearing? Robin was kind enough to write it all down for me on her business card.

What and Who is She Wearing?
Miro Jacket by St. Martins, Martin Kornfeld.

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  1. hola me gusta mucho la publicacion..la chaqueta de ella esta preciosa...vi que en la prensa nicaragua salio un post de blogueras nicas aunq se nota que el periodista no investigo bien a todas pero me gusta tu blog espero que puedas visitar el mio saludos



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