Accessory Report : Stack'em Tall

spike friendship bracelet sold on Etsy

i have a terrible addiction to stacking my accessories. in middle school i wore those twisted wire friendship bracelets that would pull your little arm hair off - they were kinda painful but i had them in every freakin color! i remember one morning the school disciplinary checked my arms and limited me to 10 bracelets per arm - i hated him for that! right until senior year, he checked my nail polish, accessories, hair accessories, hoop earrings (i went through a guido meets chonga phase and the hoops had to come off because they were TOO big), and colored socks. that's what happens when u go to a private catholic school. wompwomp.  

i was a bracelet stacker for a good 5 years n then moved onto chained necklaces n now its rings! don't even get me started on my love of double finger rings! but what happens? when i stack all these rings on i'm referred to the first 'lady' of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo - she stacks not just one ring on each finger but THREE on each finger!! that's a little much - so please don't compare me to her. thanks.

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