New Collection: Bar III

Being a fashion intern has its perks, one of them being a helping hand for special events. Last week, the team and I basically constructed and deconstructed the press preview for the new Macy's label, Bar III at the amazing New Museum. I had noticed the brand at the showroom but had no idea what it really was till the day of the event. It is a  young, playful, and effervescent collection and I'm absolutely sure they will prosper. Although I hate even walking in Macy's NY, perhaps I can take advantage of my 11% Passport discount ;) 

The cool thing about Bar III is the fact that their Spring and Summer 2011 lookbooks are styled by well-known fashion bloggers. 

For men: Travis Gumbs & Joshua Kissi (http://streetetiquette.com/) and Daniel Trepanier (http://becauseimaddicted.net/)

Bar III is causing a stir and it's still being tweeted about....not only will it be available in Macy's but Macy's will try something new and out of their element and open a pop-up shop for 3 weeks ONLY at 156 5th Ave. @ 20th Street starting February 10th! I advise you to check it out. Not only because it's a brand my PR firm represents but because the prices are amazing (Tops starting at $19, Dresses starting at $58, and Denim starting at $78)!


Twit Pic by Michael: On our way to the New Museum

I don't want to build or dress another mannequin again! They are so difficult!

The View!

A little blizzard hit the night before the event

Stylist getting her pieces together

Model getting ready

At least they're dressed

PR Interns: Karina & I


DJ Mia Moretti

Factory PR Team

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