Event: The Wynwood Walls - Art Walk

It's been 2 months since I last blogged - ouch! So I have officially moved to Miami and have been busy with temp clients, getting situated to the new city (specially the highways), finding an apartment, shopping for a car (which I've never done), flying to NY for Shantall Lacayo's Capsule show, and finding that dream F/T PR job. But like everyone else, I'm constantly snapping pics of where I'm going and who I'm with.

So let's talk about one of those places. Now that I'm actually living in Miami, I must stop with the ceremonious medianoches, croquetas, and Dadeland shopping. Time to discover Miami!

Therefore, since I'm heading to Art Walk this weekend. Let me tell you a little about it since I was there for the 1st time, last month. Art Walk takes places at Wynwood, which is located in Miami's Design District between North Miami and NW 2nd Avenues, from about 20th Street up to 36th Street. I'd say up-and-coming neighborhood but I'm pretty sure, this neighborhood has already made it's statement with loads of press and crowds.

Wynwood to Miami, is like Williamsburg to Manhattan - nonchalant artsy crowd and ambiance. All you wanna do, is chill with a Stella in one hand, groove to old school hip-hop music while playing giant Jenga without dropping your $1 taco before moving onto the next bar patio on your skateboard. My kind of perfect! Cause at my age, I don't think I keep dressing like a Miami version of Kim Kardashian and partying like Kanye at LIV.

  So what is Art Walk? Every second Saturday of every month, from 7pm - 10 pm - Wynwood's art spaces, art galleries, bars, lounges, walls, and community hosts a night to draw in crowds to network, enjoy, and appreciate street art, graffiti, curators, and projects from all around the world - USA, Greece, Portugal, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, etc etc...

Must See:

Bars (I've been to & recommend): 
Wood Tavern 
Electric Pickle

So what do you think? Art Basel isn't the only art affair in Miami.
See you around this Saturday, March 10th! ;)

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