I Want: À-la-Mexique by Spenglish

woooops it's been over a month. what can i say kids, i'm busy from 9-5, 5 days a week, and all i want to do when i get home is watch some good ol' tv. i'm probably talking to myself at this point but i saw this on Vogue Mexico's twitter yesterday and decided to post it on my blog.

get to know: À-la-Mexique

if it wasn't funny enough in english - here it is in spanish.

" À-la-Mexique " is a limited edition collaboration by Gabriel Rivera-Barranza ( a fashion and communications consultant in NY ) and t-shirt brand, Spenglish. the 4 t-shirt collection is made of the best and softest cotton, pima cotton and are priced at $50.

thinking about it..i think Shantall Lacayo met this guy and told me about his project.

cause since YSL dropped the SL i've been trying to get Shantall to do a Y Shantall Lacayo? t-shirt. ha! i guess he beat all the latinos to the punch.

so who's your alter ego? are you Coco Canales, Isidro San Lorenzo, Juan Pablo Gutiérrez or Alejando McReina?

the cool thing about this collaboration is that 10% of each t-shirt sold will benefit Project Paz, an initiative to promote peace in the city of Juárez.

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