I Want: Summer 2013 by Forever 21

Wayfarers for $6

Oh Snap! Tank for $15

and if i could, i'd buy a TON of tropical printed bustiers but i got body issues. specially after spending spring break in nicaragua - no gym, just beer. therefore, my lil beer belly will not be out n about in a bustier.

every time i'm bored i check out forever 21 online and my mouth always drops, it's so damn cheap! so when i need a new wardrobe i walk in right before i hit the gym. however, i feel like everything is so much better 'quality' when i look at it online. once i'm at the store, i'm like 'eeh' (shrug)..(walk out the store). once it gets warmer in nyc, i'll check out these pieces n maybe i'll buy them.

forever 21 also has a cute indie 'festival' capsule collection featuring Sky Ferreira, just in case you are headed to Coachella, u lucky bitch!

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