What Fashion People Do

What I think I do? Both of these sheets display images of the 'Miranda Priestly" in the Devil Wears Prada. In my case, I ain't "THE BOSS" yet. So what do I think do? I think they should show pictures of interns and assistants busting their asses like "Andy Sachs" from the Devil Wears Prada. My friends also always link me to the Devil Wears Prada....the correct answer, I've been interning and working in PUBLIC RELATIONS with a side of BLOGGING! I basically write emails all day to event coordinators, MY BOSS (designer Shantall Lacayo), stylists, editors, update social media platforms, create marketing and sales strategies and when fashion week or event comes along - what doesn't happen? IT'S A JOB. A TOUGH JOB. I may be online all freakin' day but I'm working and getting shit done. i'm seriously sick of people thinking i'm just flipping through magazines, blogs, or dress to the T ... cause i'm actually working on press clippings, creating a blogger network, and not currently wearing all black and no makeup #justsayin

These parodies are tooooo hilarious, I watch them over and over and see myself and friends in them, how bad is that?

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