Trend Report : Pink Red Orange

One of the most beautiful things we are given every single day is the sun...sunrise or sunset...its spectacular, breathtaking, and vibrant - I've seen the most beautiful sunsets at San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua) and Ibiza (Spain). This time last year, I was lucky enough to see a couple in Ibiza and later this month, I will be lucky enough to experience it every single weekend at San Juan del Sur.

I love color! I love summer! I love loud! .... This summer has been filled with neon yellow, orange, Prada color-blocking, Stella McCartney fruits, and super glam flowy sixties gowns and trousers... so why not continue enjoying it? NYC is back to a manageable high 80s weather and Resort 2012 looks are already popping up. Wear to the beach, wear in the city...don't go dull on me just because stores are already selling Pre-Fall (ugh).

Images Via: Revlon, Net-A-Porter, Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Honestly WTF, The Media Closet, People Stylewatch, and Style.com

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